My Morning Sickness Survival Guide

Hello everyone!!
though a little late on this, I’ve decided to start documenting my pregnancy journey and recapping my experience, the whole baby talk and body talk. Questions I’ve had, things I’ve learnt and to create a sharing platform for all mummies and daddies-to-be.
So let’s start from the very beginning and dive right in, shall we!?
Feel free to make potty trips or grab a snack because these days when I need to go (pee) or eat, I NEED to!

I thought I had it real good that I didn’t have any morning sickness or cringing symptoms. I was fortunate to find out by accident (in another post how I found out) pretty early at about 4th week of pregnancy, and I didn’t have any symptoms or nausea feelings then. I said it too soon and then came the dreaded morning sickness!
After week 5 the ALL DAY sickness came in full swing.
So here are some tips I’ve tried and I hope it works for you too!


Cantonese Clear Soup
Growing up in a Cantonese family, clear soups are a staple comfort food, and now I’ve got a new level of love for clear soups that has calming effects especially during the first and last trimester. When you’re feeling crappy and can’t keep your meals down, food is probably the last thing on your mind, yet I was worried that the baby wouldn’t get enough nutrients, hence clear nourishing soups and bone broths are the ones I turn to for something soothing and nutrient dense. Good quality homemade bone broths are highly beneficial for pregnant, breastfeeding moms and in fact everyone, it’s high minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are crucial to building strong bones and teeth. on top of that, it helps heal leaky guts and build a strong immune system. Personally, my choices are homemade broths and soups, knowing what goes into my soups and also the controlled sodium content. I will share in another post some of my favourite soup recipes, such as ABC soup, lotus root soup and others.

Don’t Get Hungry
Getting hungry was my worst hits because an empty stomach is a nauseous mummy. As much as I didn’t have the appetite or felt that saltine crackers were too dry in the mornings, I had to nibble some before I get out of bed or every few hours throughout the day. Plain simple foods like plain saltine crackers, toast, clear Cantonese soups, plain white rice and even boiled or mash potatoes without the milk and cream helped a lot. I was pretty worried I wouldn’t get enough nutrients, but the doctor mentioned that with bad morning sickness and when it’s hard to keep other foods down your tummy, eat whatever you can. It’s better to take it easy and not to stress about nutrients first but get food down your tummy first. Sip lots of warm water throughout the day, and a nurse advised me to sip warm water after puking and nibble some plain crackers about 10-15 mins later.


my go-to crackers

Breathe in…..
I wasn’t in the mood or had the energy to exercise so I was basically lugging myself to work and back home. Of which both environments are pretty much in air-conditioned rooms. The more I refuse to step outside, the worse I felt. So one morning, Roy decided to take me out for a light slow walk, to breathe in some fresh air. Simple as it is, it does help! Try walking and getting fresh air as near to nature as possible, doesn’t have to be long or strenuous walk to burn fat or calories or getting fit, take a walk just to get in some fresh air and good ventilation. Up till now, I find the urge to go out in the mornings to Botanic Gardens or parks just to get some fresh air and lift up my energy. Perhaps the greenery and scenery helps distract me from my discomfort and gives me a sense of peace and calmness too.

Prenatal Vitamins and Vit B
Especially when we’re not getting enough nutrients, be it due to vomiting or loss of appetite, prenatal supplements are essential. But prenatal supplements can also be a double-edged sword causing nausea! Some prenatal supplements like certain folic acid and iron did give me some trouble at first. Do check with your gynae if you suspect these vitamins might be a culprit. Also, I came across an article and recommended by my sister (aka the pharmacist) that vitamin B6 helps alleviate nauseousness and vomiting. And it did work some magic there.

Preggie Pops
More cautious of what goes into sweets and candies and staying away from those with aspartame or artificial flavourings and colouring, I tried almost every other candy reviewed by pregger mummies. Though not a fan of the sweets in this pregnancy, I only turn to these candies only when absolutely necessary. My 2 picks are Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drop (green apple) and Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews. Somehow sour foods do soothe a sour stomach and good to have them by your bedside and in your handbag.


Though I did go through almost 4 months of discomfort and probably never puked this much in my entire life as I did in 4 months (almost 10times a day or up to 15 times). I can’t imagine those with extreme cases of morning sickness, the horrid hyperemesis gravidarum, and my hearts goes out to them. Believe that it will all pass and focus on your baby and your health. Don’t push or overexert if you feel you can’t and good family support is always helpful.


*disclaimer: these products are of personal preference and not a sponsored post*

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