the best of pregnancy

 Having a baby is a magical and yet emotional time with its ups and downs. Each ride for each mummy-to-be differs, and uncomfortable or exhausted or stressful as it may be, looking on the brighter side of things and focusing on the life that is growing inside of you is some of the most miraculous things I deem thus far. I find pregnancy has taught me a couple of things in life, one for sure is don’t expect anything. As quoted by my husband, when we turn our expectations to gratitude, perceptions change for the better and here are some things I find are the best parts during my first pregnancy.
1. I’m never alone
At about 19 weeks, I felt Baby Fong’s kick for the very first time. It was like a tiny air bubble in my belly. At first, I wasn’t too sure what that was, till some mummies told me that it was my baby moving! And from then on, with every week and kick, he grows stronger. I feel him growing and being a part of my daily life. When my husband was away for a week on a business trip, having Baby Fong means I’m never alone. Sharing your body with another being is a miracle that I still cannot fathom sometimes. This life inside me gives me the boost I need to be a better person, to get up and achieve things so that I can be better role model for him.
at 19 weeks we were holidaying in Perth when i first felt baby fong kick
2. Balanced diet focused mind
Thankfully, during this pregnancy, I don’t crave for junk food, or anything too oily, too fried, too sweet or too spicy. In fact, they repulse me so much that eating them will usually send me straight to the toilet bowl. In the past, I read about how sugar gives you highs and lows, sending you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Thanks to Baby Fong for forcing sugar out of my system, I’ve realised my past mood swings were due to sugar! Ever since purging sugar from my diet and system, I’ve discovered a brand new me with a clearer, more focused mind. No more mood swings and brain fogs! The cleansed mind has been starting to focus on what’s important and being a lot happier. My diet has been a lot cleaner, my body craves for simpler foods. And having a baby tend to make me more mindful of what I eat, wanting to only eat what is good for the baby. I’m so glad I’m also benefiting from eating healthier too!
3) Being Zen
Some common advice from almost everyone is: “Don’t get angry. Don’t be stressed. Don’t cry as it’ll affect your baby…etc”. And there is definitely some truth in this advice as scientifically, when we are stressed, we release cortisol, a stress hormone, and it can be passed through the placenta to the baby. Anxiety, depression and other negative emotions can affect how the baby’s brain develops. Research has shown that if the pregnant woman has symptoms of anxiety or depression, this doubles the risk of her child having emotional or behavioural problems later on in life. I’m not sure if the baby’s chilled character has calmed me, or if it is a conscious effort from me to be more zen towards things around me. I’ve learnt to accept the things that I’ve no control over and choose to look at the brighter side of things in any situation. I’ve become more mindful of being zen and calm, rather focusing on finding a solution than dwelling on things I can’t control. This shift in mindset has definitely made me a much happier person and I feel this is the best part of pregnancy for me.
staycation during my first trimester to get my mind off all the discomfort and morning sickness

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