worst part of pregnancy

Most women and anecdotes romanticize about that baby bump, the pregnancy glow and all the wonderful joys of being pregnant. True that, but as all things in life, the ups has its downs. Here are some things that got the better of me, some days are possibly the crappiest I’ve felt ever. One of it is, getting sick! Both, with the morning sickness and when I actually got sick with gastric flu, food poisoning and a flu bug. Those were the worst…as of now.
1. Morning sickness…all day long
I cannot keep track of the number of times I’ve vomited during this pregnancy! I do remember this incident when I threw up on myself in the car as my husband was driving us home. I absolutely hated the feeling of discomfort and the inconvenience about this aspect of the pregnancy. Despite the discomfort I count my blessings that I’m not one of the 3% of women with hyperemesis gravidarum, and my hearts go out to them.
2. Lower immunity
A pregnant woman’s immune system fades into a weaker version of its former self to keep from attacking the growing fetus, making expectant mothers more susceptible to coughs, colds and flu. I too have my fair share of flu, food poisoning and gastric flu and it is so draining! Stay healthy by staying away from anyone who is sick and be careful of what you eat. My family doctor advised me to wear a face mask in the event we have sick family members at home or when going to crowded places, to protect myself from getting sick.
3. The worry
I do worry from time to time, but during this pregnancy, I started to worry about everything – Am I eating the right fish? Are the upcoming tests and scans going to be ok? Is Baby Fong growing well? Is he kicking regularly enough? The list goes on. I guess that’s what they say about being parents, you’ll never stop worrying about your child. It makes me discover a new level of respect and love for my parents because I now know what they have been and are still going through – their constant worrying for us kids. I’ll try to do what I’m preaching here, that is, it’s ok to worry but just don’t overdo it since it’s not healthy for you or your baby.  Believe in God, the universe or a higher power that you believe in and just do your best. What we can’t control… que sera sera.

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  1. I totally agree with you… Due in may
    I also have morning sickness which threw up non stop but lucky not severe till have hyperemesis gravid around. But Jia you.. We can do it together.

    1. Congrats on your pregnancy Carol! Yeah we’re in home stretch alr, jia you!! Praying for a smooth and safe delivery for you and baby

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