“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”. That’s what a 4-year old Cheryl Wee felt about her passion at a young age. This raw passion propelled her to chase her dreams relentlessly and landed her into the performing and entertainment industry at a tender age, making Cheryl a household name before she turns 30. From a ballerina to beauty queen with accolades locally and internationally to a singer-turned-actress, Cheryl savours each and every experience to feed her zest for life.

Despite graduating with honours in Psychology, she shelves her plan to be a psychologist to pursue her childhood dreams, while keeping her desire to help by being a counselor at psychiatric clinics.

Armed with abundant experiences and energy, and fueled by a thirst for knowledge and new experiences, Cheryl begins her life as an intraprenuer and starts her own brand Cheryl W in 2015. Cheryl W was born as a result of her harrowing weight loss journey that has resulted in Cheryl finding herself and her health back on a self discovery and wellness journey. A self proclaimed foodie, Cheryl is determined to help others like herself achieve wellness and weight management through healthy and sustainable means without starving.

This blog chronicles Cheryl’s journey in finding inspiration in every corner of her life and discovering the magic in simple things. She hopes to create this community to connect with like-minded souls and share about things that excites and motivates her, which she hopes will in turn, be an inspirational force to others.

Welcome to Cheryl’s world, a kaleidoscope of all things amazing that makes life meaningful.